The Charism of a Diocesan Priest

A charism is a talent one has.  It's something one finds easy to do.  Some call it a gift.  People join religious
orders because they feel called to work with that order's charism.  Franciscans work with the poor.  Carmelites pray contemplatively.  Dominicans preach.  Jesuits teach.  Get the idea?

What charism does a priest who works for a diocese have?  This was a question that Father Wally said he once had.  One day, as he looked over his congregation he saw:

  • the family whose husband wasn't Catholic but came to Mass anyway
  • a man who had cancer and only months to live
  • a young lady who was struggling with alcoholism
  • a teen who thought he had a vocation
Looking over his parishioners, he realized his charism.  He was to minister, or serve, the many different people, with their unique and different problems.  

The charism of a diocesan priest is to serve the people.

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