Friday, August 10, 2018

Cyber Threat to the Country

The President Is Missing: A NovelA few days ago I spent on a visit to the hospital.  It took the whole entire day.  While there, I read a 513-page book, The President is Missing by Bill Clinton and James Patterson.  Yes, that's Bill Clinton the former president and James Patterson, the award-winning mystery writer.

The white house descriptions and the interaction between the people who surround the president, obviously are Clinton's contribution.  The suspense I give credit to Patterson.  It is a page-turner.  I didn't want to do anything else but find out what was going on in the book.

There's a real cyber threat to the country.  Everything will shut down.  Think about it, e.i., hospitals, financial institutions, etc.  The country couldn't function.  We would be open to military attack.  The story is the race to figure out how to stop it.  To complicate matters, the president is sick and his health is fading fast.

I've already said, I couldn't put the book down.  It's a page-turner.

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