Thursday, July 14, 2016

The tale of Fr. Brochero: Gaucho priest, devil's worst nightmare

Father Brochero is definitely the pope's kind of guy. Better yet, he's Pope Francis' kind of priest.  In the first place, he comes from Argentina, like the pope, and he loved the poor, like Pope Francis.  Father Brochero probably smelled like the sheep whom he served.  To Pope Francis, smelling like sheep means you work and live among the sheep, as Brochero did.  He dressed and traveled n a mule, like the people he ministered to.  He traveled far to serve his distanced parish.  He is known for saying, "“Woe if the devil is going to rob a soul from me.”  

The tale of Fr. Brochero: Gaucho priest, devil's worst nightmare: Vatican City, Jul 14, 2016 CNA/EWTN News.- If Jose Brochero doesn't sound like a Gaucho name, nothing does. Earlier this year, Pope Francis announced Oct. 16 as the canonization date for Blessed Brochero.

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