Saturday, July 2, 2016

If I Should Need To Tear Aside

When one falls in love, their perspective changes.  Everything their eyes see look in some way related to the loved one.  It is even more so when one falls in love with God.  Everything, everybody, everywhere, reminds you of Him.  Read this poem by Joseph Mary Plunkett:

If I Should Need To Tear Aside - Poem by Joseph Mary Plunkett

If I should need to tear aside
The veils that hide both Heaven and Hell
To tell you that a soul had died
That once but tried to love you well
No breath should blow those veils aside.

But if I found your soul could save
From hell’s deep grave my sinking soul
Only if willingly you gave
I’d take—and then I’d crave the whole
Knowing you generous and brave. 

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