Thursday, July 7, 2016

Guests are Like Fish

Today's Gospel was the episode where Jesus sends out his disciples two by two with the instructions, "...look for a worthy person...and stay there until you leave."  Monsignor Moran pointed out this stipulation.

Immediately, I thought of that old Cape Cod saying.  "Guests are like fish, but if you stay longer than three days, they stink."

Anyway, Monsignor asked us how long do you think the disciples would stay.  There were various answers.  Monsignor said that according to the Didache, they stayed no longer than three or four days.  Well!  They are welcome down the Cape, anytime.

But why three or four days?

  •      Jesus was in the tomb three days.
  •      Didn't want to become a burden to their hosts.
  •      It's hard to hit a moving target.
  •      That was all it took to proclaim the Word of God.
  •      They were just planting seeds and if the people weren't receptive, you knew it in a few days.Whatever reason, the disciples certainly were blessed with spiritual gifts because they healed, cured, drove out demons and proclaimed quite successfully.

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