Sunday, July 3, 2016


MEK drawing

How do we know when we are truly encountering God is one of those quick quips, Bishop Robert Barron is famous for, in his Word on Fire videos.  What grabbed my attention was his statement that you can’t see God, straight on, with our eyes.  Rather, we see Him out of the corner of our eyes.  I love this because this is exactly how I go through my day.  I’ve been thinking of it as a “double take”.  I see Him and realize it, and quickly look back to catch Him.

When I wake and my first conscious task is feeding the cat, and she’s figuring eighting around and in between my legs, I feel His order, His plan, and figure eight my needs around Him.  I need to be petted, cuddled, loved and fed.

When my husband cares for my breakfast needs and asks and shows concern, as we make our plans for the day.  His eyes are Your eyes.  His love mimics God’s.

At Mass, oh yes, here we meet and share our love.  The community is Your active Mystical Body.  Our angels surround Your altar.  The priest is You.  My offerings are carried above.  Your Eucharist is in my hand.  I could stare at You, forever.  I taste Your Love as we join our love.  I am blessed.  Here, You are not in the corner of my eye, not a “double take”, You are truly here, truly present, and truly mine.  We share our love in the most intimate way.  I am so blessed.

The rest of the day is seen out of the corner of my eyes, as I see kindness, parental love, honest labor, etc.  Sometimes, I “double take” when I see crosses in mail posts, clothes lines, street traffic signs, window panes, etc. I am reminded of You.  I see You.  I see Your Love for me.

How can I not encounter You when You are everywhere?  

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