Saturday, April 9, 2016

Who Are You?

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Yesterday, I was reading something about Colonel Sanders.  I would like to give the magazine credit,
but I can't find it.  I've looked back in two, and I can't find where I read the little biography.  What impressed me about it was all the stages of his life.  Likewise, so are we.

So which person was Harland David Sanders?  Was he the responsible babysitter of his younger siblings?  Was he the neophyte cook in his family?  Was he the 10-year-old farm laborer who worked for neighbors?  Was he the seventh-grade drop-out?  Was he the homeless teen?  Was he the soldier in the Army?  Was he the railroad worker?  Was he Josephine King's husband?  Was he the grieving father of a son?  Was he the proud father of two daughters?  Was he the part-time student?  Was he the disgruntled employee who was fired?  Was he the lawyer?  Was he the lawyer who lost his license to practice for brawling with his client?  Was he the life insurance salesman?  Was he the man who lost yet another job for insubordination?  Was he the ferry boat owner?  Was he the bankrupt man?  Was he the adult male who had to move back home with mommy?  Was he the gas station owner?  Was he the bankrupt gas station owner?  Was he the restaurant owner?  Was he the man in the shootout?  Was he the man with the "secret recipe" for quick frying chicken?  Was he the womanizer?  Was he the divorcee?  Was he the unfaithful husband?  Was he the successful franchiser?  Was he the good philanthropist helping women and children?

Actually, he was was all these and more.  They are all him.  But wouldn't it be unfair to say he was the school drop out who couldn't hold a job?  The past doesn't define you?  Everything changes, including you.

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