Tuesday, April 19, 2016

They Just Don't Want to Believe

Yesterday, I was babysitting.  I had to explain the same reasons--many times.  And watching my "cloistered brothers" explain to the dogs they are training, over and over again, I was not surprised to hear and read Jesus' response to unbelievers: I told you and you do not believe...  

I think the problem is that they find it hard to believe and so they've closed their minds to it, although they see others believing, so they still ask.  They really don't want to believe.  They're hoping for a really good excuse not to believe but they haven't found it, yet.

They're still searching--not to believe, but to not believe.

My husband does this to me constantly.  I want to do something that he doesn't want.  First, he doesn't hear.  Next, he'll forget.  Then, he's waiting.  I think he's waiting for me to forget, or something to interfere with my request, or the world to end and he won't have to do it.  For example, I have always wanted a two-way closet in the kitchen.  The closet in the kitchen will be all shelves for storage.  On the other side, in the other room, the closet will be a coat closet.  I have talked about this for 45 years! Well, the other day we had a carpenter over to knock down the wall to open up the kitchen/living room area.  But there's a support beam that has to stay.  The carpenter asked to just extend the wall, or he could make a closet (Brilliant Idea!)  Hubby calmly says, "My wife is debating what to do with it."

DEBATING!!!!  For forty-five years I've wanted a closet!  It's a good thing I was there to hear this conversation.  I jumped right in and said, "The closet idea is perfect."  The carpenter agreed.

I told you and you do not believe.  The problem with Jesus' unbelievers and people like my hubby is that they really don't want to believe.

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