Friday, April 8, 2016

Our Queen

So my TOPS chapter celebrated 2015 achievements, this afternoon.  When a person achieves their weight goal, we call them a KOPS (Keep off pounds sensibly).  It's not easy.  KOPS is what every member is striving to be.  It is the pride in personal accomplishment that becomes the motivating force to keep each person striving towards that goal--KOPS.

To achieve this sought after status a member must learn the discipline of the weekly weigh-ins, the counting of calories and carbohydrates, drinking a lot of water, undertake exercise, eat 3-4 servings of fruit and vegetables, and arguably most important--face their personal weaknesses.  This requires a lifestyle change.  It's not easy to change habits and attitudes.  But that's what they do.

During the year 2015, Lillian, achieved KOPS status.  She also constantly maintained her healthy weight goal, not going 3 pounds above, nor 7 pounds below.  She is very successful.  As such, she was named the Queen of our chapter.  Congratulations, Lillian!

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