Sunday, April 3, 2016

Signs are meant for direction--"New York Exit 9".  They tell you where to go--"Turn Right".  They explain--"Frost Heaves".  They tell you what to do--"Exit."

They are all brief and to the point.  However, this one sign was food for meditation.

This was in a Yarmouth, MA, harbor.  I'm talking about ocean water.  Doesn't all the ocean contain rip currents and heavy surf, and dangerous marine life?

Think about it.  We know this anyway.  We swim, boat, and play in the water, regardless.  However, when confronted with a sign that tells us something we already know, we hesitate to go in the water.

Maybe we should put signs in bars, warning of the dangers of alcohol.

Maybe we should put signs in gun stores, warning of the dangers of guns.

And maybe we should put signs on our refrigerators and kitchen cabinets, warning of the dangers of over-eating.

Potential hazards in __________________ may include:

*     bloating
*     bingeing
*     unnecessary calories
*     unhealthy choices
*     weight gain
*     adverse health reactions


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