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Which Witch?

The Wiccan Witch of the Midwest by Scott A. Lerner will make a really good Halloween movie.  Yes, it’s about witches, but it’s more than that.  It’s about wicca, magic, spells, and stuff that go bump in the night.  It is more than just a scary yarn. 

The Wiccan Witch is another Sam Robert’s mystery (there’s four).  Sam has just moved to a new town to get away from bad memories and hopefully bad karma.  Sam’s best friend, Bob, talks him into getting his fortune read.  Surprisingly, the fortune teller sees something shocking and shoos both guys out.  Did I mention that the fortune teller is “drop dead beautiful?” 

Although, the fortune teller, Bridget, gave Sam and Bob the bum’s rush, they don’t leave—really.  Their encounter is just the beginning of the novel’s new thrilling adventure.  The fortune teller is a witch, descended from a long line of witches.  She is accused of the worst of crimes in her coven.  If she is guilty, she will be burned at the stake.  Bridget hires Sam to be her advocate.

Never mind that Sam doesn’t know anything about the witches’ law codes and the fact that he’s infatuated with Bridget, (He acknowledges that he’s probably been spelled.) he is in danger for his own life.  Bridget has been accused of using black magic spells to kill children.  And not only children are dying, but Bridget’s friend, Alice, is cruelly mutilated.  The plot is to prove Bridget innocent, but how does one do that when one is dealing with black magic, ancient spells, good and evil, and crazy people.

This is a good and thrilling plot.  The pace is exciting and the plot kept me guessing.  The end isn’t what you think and the dead really do speak.  You will learn a little history besides the author’s opinion on our current justice system (through the words of Sam Robert.)

We have the best justice system in the world, but it is still flawed.  Too many innocent people have been released due to DNA evidence.  Eye witness identification is not reliable.  If there is a weapon involved, people tend to look at the gun, not the face of their attacker.  Stress can adversely affect memory.  People have problems identifying other people of different ethnicities.  Confessions are coerced.  Hell, people may simply lie.”

Sam made this passionate speech because he was in love with the accused, but everything he said is true.  I got it.  I hope other readers get it, too.  Capital punishment be damned!

…I don’t want the government or even an elder of a village to have the right to kill another human being.  When I killed I acted in the moment to defend our lives.  The government acts with pre-meditation….I have seen innocent people convicted of crimes.  How many times have people been released from death row based on DNA evidence?  I believe our system of justice is the greatest in the world, yet we still get it wrong.  Our system is only as reliable as the people who testify and the interpretation of that evidence by members of the jury.  People are not machines; they are swayed by their own self interests.  I don’t trust the government to issue me a driver’s license in an efficient manner.  Why the hell would you give them the power to choose between life and death?

Here!  Here!  Four stars for Scott A. Lerner!  Take that you readers who thought that Scott A. Lerner was only a light weight mystery writer.  Move over E. C. Bentley, make room for another book on the shelf.

Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed The Wiccan Witch of the Midwest.  The characterization is delineated expertly.  I especially like Sam and Bob.  They play off each other humorously.  (Spoiler Alert) The end surprised me—twice.  But that makes the climax doubly enjoyable.  The pace of the action is just right.  This story is a good read.

About the Author:
Author and attorney Scott A. Lerner resides in Champaign, Illinois. He obtained his undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of Wisconsin in Madison and went on to obtain his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Illinois in Urbana Champaign. He is currently a sole practitioner in Champaign, Illinois. The majority of his law practice focuses on the fields of criminal law and family law. Lerner’s first novel and the first Samuel Roberts Thriller, Cocaine Zombies, won a bronze medal in the mystery/cozy/noir category of the 2013 Independent Publisher (IPPY) Awards. The second book in the series is Ruler of Demons.The Fraternity of the Soul Eater is book 3. Book 4, The Wiccan Witch of the Midwest, will be released on Halloween, 2015.

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