Monday, November 9, 2015

Lee Strobel's Conclusions

Lee Strobel and I used some of the same proofs to settle in our mind, whether or not Jesus is Who He says He is.  It's the apostles' behavior after Jesus' crucifixion that convinces me.  Why would they persist in proclaiming Jesus' resurrection, if it were not true?  There's no money in it?  They all were and remained poor their entire lives.  They were persecuted.  Why go through that unless moved to by the Holy Spirit?  And they all died terrible deaths.  John didn't die violently, as did the others, but he died in exile.

Why, if it all were not true?

Lee Strobel was a successful editor of the Chicago Tribune and an atheist.  His wife told him that she was converting to Christianity.  He set out to prove to her that she was foolish. Instead, he found himself proving to himself that she was right.  His reasons include:
History shows that Jesus Christ lived.
   "            "        "      "         "       was crucified.
   "            "        "      "          "         "   resurrected.  IOW, his tomb was empty.  Was His body stolen?

The only people who would have a motive for stealing Jesus' body would be the disciples.  Breaking into the tomb would involve more than one person. If a few did steal His body, how come they all tell the same story.  No one breaks.  Again, why--there's no money in it, and they're persecuted and die horrible deaths--and still!, they tell the same story.

Many, up to 500 at once, see Jesus after His death.  Yet, the tomb is still empty!  That's called resurrection.   

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