Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Prayer Journal

When folks ask me to pray for them and/or their intentions, I either key them into my iPhone notes, or scribble them into a small note pad, I carry in my purse.

These prayer intentions then get transferred into my prayer group's Prayer Intention Book.  This Prayer Intention Book has an attractive cover.  Inside the cover is a history of Our Lady of Hope, also known as Our Lady of Pontmain.  I happen to think it's beautiful.

Getting slower and dimmer as I age, and maybe I always was a slow learner, it suddenly occurred to me to buy for myself a nice, as beautiful as I can purchase, prayer intention book.  It will be my very own special prayer journal.  So when I pray my daily prayers, I don't have to take out my iPhone notes, scribbled note papers, and note book, to pray for those that asked for me to pray for them and their intentions.  I'll make the transferring of their prayer intentions from here and there, into my own meaningful prayer journal, a prayer in and of itself.  I think it will be beneficial to have all my prayer intentions in one book.  I can review them and pray again.  Also, the intentions will be kept in mind and I can ask my friends how their intentions are coming along. Hopefully, their intentions will result in prayers of thanksgiving and praise.

Now to go shopping to buy the most beautiful prayer journal I can afford. Rather, do you think I should buy the cheapest notebook, I can find and doctor it up?  I could decorate the cover with my favorite holy cards?  That would be more meaningful, would it not?  Mmmmm, decisions, decisions, ....

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