Thursday, May 28, 2015


Phew as in smell.  Have you ever walked into an establishment and were hit with an unpleasant odor?  I bet you couldn't wait to leave that place.  I'm thinking of a friend's house that smells of cat's urine.  P-h-e-e-e-w!  How about entering a car stinking of cigarettes!  Ugh!

Don't you think the opposite must be true?  Is there is a pleasant aroma in your home, people will want to stay?  This is my way of thinking also.  In the winter, my secret is to put a few drops of pine sol into the humidifier.  It helps keep the humidifier clean and emits a smell of pine throughout the house.  All other times, I open windows to let the fresh air permeate the atmosphere.

I hope my home gives people a whiff of whom I am, my family is.  I'd like to convey a sense of peace, comfort and love, much like the feeling I get when I enter a Catholic Church.  Smells help do that.  I'm reminiscing the cobbler's shop, when I was I child.  I loved the smell of leather.  I love the smell of Yankee Candle shop.  And I love the smell of incense used during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Let my prayer be counted
as incense before thee,
and the lifting up of my hands
as an evening sacrifice!

Doesn't incense bring you into a different world?  Certain smells send me into different worlds.

I guess that's the intent. I do have an incenser and use incense granules.  But I'm always looking for easier Glade products that lift my spirit to prayer.   I'd like my home to convey a spirit of love.  What scent conveys familial, yet spiritual love?  Are there any incense granules that combine the smell of cookies baking and three kings resin incense?

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