Saturday, May 30, 2015

Monthly Church Themes

There are Holy Days of Obligation.  There are some famous holy days, e.i., St. Patrick's Day.  There are some traditional church related days, e.i., Ash Wednesday.  Did you know that the months have traditional character, too?

January -- Holy Name of Jesus.  The feast is on January 3rd.  The beginning of the month is still Jesus' birth.  The beginning of the year should be devoted to Jesus.

February -- Holy Family.  What can be more important that the family?  Families are the building blocks for society.

March -- St. Joseph.  His feast day is March 19th.

April -- The Blessed Sacrament.  Easter usually occurs in April so I think it's appropriate to honor the Blessed Sacrament during this month.

May -- Our Lady.  It is nice to place flowers before a statue of Mary during this month.

June --  Sacred Heart.  A month to contemplate Jesus' love for us.

July -- Precious Blood of Jesus.  May the Blood of Jesus inebriate us.

August -- Immaculate Heart of Mary.  August 15th is an important feast day for Mary--the Assumption.

September -- Seven Sorrows of Mary.  A month to contemplate the seven sorrows: Simon's prophecy, flight into Egypt, Jesus lost in the temple, the road to Calvary, Crucifixion, taking down Jesus' body, and the burial of Jesus.

October -- Holy Rosary.  Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary is this month.

November --  All saints and all souls.  November 1st and 2nd is All Souls Day.

December -- Immaculate Conception.  Without Mary being conceived without sin, we wouldn't have Jesus.

*Adapted from The Little Oratory by David Clayton and Leila Marie Lawler

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