Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Poetry Reading

My writer's group had a poetry reading today. I was surprised at the people.  The room was full.  If we ever have another Reading we'll have to find a bigger room.

I was surprised because I would have never gone to a ladies poetry reading.  It just sounds boring.  But it wasn't.  It was fun.  I read two funny pieces and one serious.  I was surprised to see that I got the audience going.

Here is a picture of Diana Thomas reading a few of her poems.  Here's one of them.

Dee Dee Thomas

I had a dream come to me one night.

All I could see was the world was near me
I did not know what or where I was--I was in Flight.

I could feel the wind all around me
Then it started to rain and something made me come back to earth
I could feel the wind come over me, so refreshing.

Then without a warning
Something made me take Flight again.
This time I moved even faster than I had done before.

Then it came to me I must have been a feather that had come out of a bird.

But could I be that bird you have seen in the sky
Day after day?

You can think what you want
And you can dream what you want.

Use your mind to fly like I have done this day

To the sky of your dreams.

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