Thursday, May 21, 2015

God is Not a Genie

"I've tried everything else, why not try prayer?"  What have you got to lose?

My prayer group gets a lot of this type of prayer.  Do people think God is a genie?  He doesn't grant wishes.

When we pray for certain results, we are asking God to join us. He will be with us, listening, holding  You can't make God do anything.  If you are paying attention to God, the Holy Spirit may change your perspective in accordance to God's will. Remember God sees things differently than you do.  He has the whole picture; you see your immediate situation.
our hand.  But don't tell Him what to do.  We should listen.

Thankfully, Our God is generous.  He gives us many many gifts and sometimes those gifts are exactly our size.

I often think when someone prays for someone's conversion to a certain point of view that perhaps God is working on the "prayee". Maybe God is working on their perseverance, patience, and love.  Take praying for the health of someone.  The sick person may not recover, but prayer is never wasted.  Some good will come.  The sick person received a blessing no one but he himself knows.  The person praying receives a blessing.  Just communicating with God is a gift.  We are inviting God into the praying circle.  Of course He wants our happiness, also.  He wants what's good for us.  Trust in Him.

That's what we have learned in prayer group.  Praying for others' intentions have taught us to trust in Him.  Most of the time, people don't come back and say thank you.  God granted my prayer.  And we don't expect that.  It really doesn't matter if you got your wish.  You can't compel God to do anything.  St. Catherine of Siena reminds us, "God is God and you are not."  But He is always waiting to hear from you and be invited into your situation.  He has broad shoulders.

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