Saturday, March 21, 2009

Resurrection Cookies

A cook, I'm not. I'll be the first to admit it. I tend to let food burn because my nose is in a book. My family jokes that when the smoke alarm goes off, supper's ready.

Well, on my other blog, I have a recipe for these Easter cookies that I called Resurrection Cookies. I made them today. They didn't come out as planned. They're suppose to be little dollops of whipped peaks and tomorrow when you bite into them, they should be hollow or empty, like Jesus' tomb.

The cookies were peaks until I added sugar. Where did I go wrong? Now they're flat cookies.

They still might taste decent.


Tom said...

It's not Easter yet, is it?

Faith said...

Well, we are Easter people. But the reason I make the cookies before Easter is because if I wait until Easter morning to bite into the cookie and show the kids that the cookie's hollow--"empty" just like Jesus' tomb is empty, the kids wouldn't be interested. See, the Easter Bunny came and the kids are more interested in the candy than a religion lesson.

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