Wednesday, March 25, 2009

DFL Democrat of the Week: Jim Oberstar

From the Democrats For Life Site:


U.S. Congressman Jim Oberstar (DFL-MN) has been a friend and ally to the pro-life community for his entire career in elected office in the United States House of Representatives. He founded the bi-partisan House Pro-life Cacus with Congressman Henry Hyde in 1976. The National Right to Life Committee rates Congressman Oberstar with 100% approval rating on all pro-life issues he voted on in the U.S. House.

He is currently also co-sponsoring the Pregnant Woman's Support Act in the U.S. House. Congressman Oberstar has always been a trusted ally of DFLA. In the U.S. House, Oberstar has used his experience and Minnesota common sense to build a consensus on quality of life issues. Also, his constituents think he is doing a good job as well. Since his first election in 1974, he has earned only less than 60% of the vote in one election, in 1992. That year, he garnered a mere 59%! Click here to learn more about Congressman Oberstar and his accomplishments.


While President Obama has made several decisions since taking office that we cannot support, we spoke this week on an official meeting with the White House Office for Faith Based Initiatives. They agreed to move towards making this meeting a reality. They have also sent very strong signals that they are serious about abortion reduction legislation and we hope to be announcing their support in our efforts to pass PWSA this year.

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