Saturday, December 20, 2008


First, I'm not as alarmed as I was about Agustin's letter. Fr. Wayne said Agustin's verbal or rather written expression is not uncommon for his culture. We Anglo's don't refer to deliverance or exorcism. I told Agustin to talk to an ordained minister, either a priest or a deacon. He needs to receive the sacrament of Reconciliation, too.
Second, the snow sets a prayerful mood. The rhythm of shoveling reminded me of chanting. I wished I knew some psalms by heart. But the Jesus prayer works, also. It was so quiet out there in the snow. I just felt close to God.
Tonight I went to the 7:00 PM Mass. Very few people were there due to the snow storm, no doubt. That's why I went. There's another due tomorrow. The thought occurred to me that I bet the Lector didn't show up. So I read the Readings while waiting for Mass to begin.
I was right. The Lector didn't show up. So when Father asked for a Lector, I volunteered.
Guess what.
I was the Lector that was assigned for tonight. Idjit!

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