Friday, December 12, 2008


She's here! Omega is finally here! Omega is Helen, who finishes the newsletter eLumen. I start it, so I'm Alpha, and Helen finishes it. You have address us with a solemn deep voice: The Alpha and the Omega.
Seriously, I was worried that she'd have trouble. She was driving through an ice storm. But she arrived safely. She's here to give a Talk to my chapter on Sunday. So we have the weekend together.
After supper we chanted Evening Prayer together. I love to chant with someone. I do it alone sometimes but it seems to take forever. But with someone else--I could go on for ever. Community is important, isn't it? Someone once told me that just the fact that we all are born because of the union of two people is proof that we're not made to be solitary human beings. Makes sense to me.

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