Belly Slides

Watching the kids learn to play ice hockey, I was struck by the fact that "how to get up when you fall," is a major technique.  Of course, when you think about it.  Kids just learning how to skate would fall more than they'd skate.  And isn't that a life lesson!

We do fail in life.  Too bad we don't practice "falling."  Again!  and Again!   and Again!

The instructors made it fun for the kids.  They called it "Belly Slides" and they skate fast, and faster, and then throw themselves down on their bellies and slide.  The kids love it.  It's their favorite part of the lesson.  Imagine that!  Falling is their favorite part!

But!  The lesson isn't in the falling.  It isn't just for fun.  It's to practice getting up.

"Getting up" when you fall is the most valuable lesson anyone can learn, whether skating or in life.


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