Sometimes When You Lose, You Win

Artist -- MEK
My friend, Donna and I saw an advertisement about a cribbage night at a nearby church, sponsored by the Knights of Columbus.  Donna and I have been learning to play.  The ad had a category for "recreational players", so we signed up.

It was a very small group. And Donna and I were the only recreational players.  So we played with each other.  She won once and I won once and we started a third game to break the tie but we got involved in a long conversation with someone and when we got back to the game we couldn't remember whose turn it was and we didn't care.  (You can tell we're not serious players.)  So we quit.

The people were so friendly.  It was not a cutthroat atmosphere.  I knew three people from town or church.  I made friends with two others.  Everyone else was nice, too.

And!  I won free ice cream and a gift certificate. Donna won some flowers and free ice cream.  They actually had more prizes than people, so everyone got something.  Everyone was a winner.


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