Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Knights of Malta

Last night I ran into a Knight of Malta.  He explained that the Knights of Malta originated during the crusades as an organization dedicated to help Christians.  They founded a hospital to provide care for the sick and poor Christians on pilgrimage to the Holy Land.  But when more and more pilgrims were killed and harrassed on their journey, they felt they had to protect them.  They then became a military order.

Their patron is St. John the Baptist and their patroness is the Blessed Virgin Mary with the name "Our Lady of Mount Philermos."  Their symbol is a Maltese cross.

Nowadays, they are known primarily as the group that take the sick to Lourdes.  And they do it for free, too!

BTW, pray for Craig, a Knight of Malta, he has been diagnosed with cancer of the tonsils.  May Craig, who himself shows compassion to the sick, feel the love and comfort of Our Lord, and a healing if it be His Will.  Mary, Our Lady of Mount Philermos, and St. John the Baptist, interede for Craig in this hour of his need.  Amen.

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