Good is Not Equal to Evil

CRAZY! Crazy Weekend.  Since my nephew's accident, life has been discombobulated.  There is no
end to the paperwork.  Police report, insurance reports, rental car report, and the hassle of telephoning the proper people, have used up all our family time.  The accident spoiled our fun time.

But wait a minute!  We're Christians and if that means anything, it means life makes sense.  Let's ponder the accident.  After all, we know that joy and suffering are related.  What is God's plan?

No one was seriously hurt.  Everyone is alive.  That's the best result.  We have a renewed appreciation for our lives.  As a family we bonded in trouble, which would have been completely different if we were bonded only in fun.  We figured and worked out difficult situations like how to get a rental car delivered when they weren't open, or there weren't any companies in the area.  We made do or we did without.  We felt a sense of accomplishment.  We learned that five big people can fit in a two door coup--albeit squashed.  We learned to laugh at the predicament.

Best of all, we learned that good trumps evil.


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