Sunday Snippets -- A Catholic Carnival

Sunday is the day, my blogger friends and I link together at R'Anns, and blog our week's posts.  We also usually answer a question.  This time the question is about wearing mantillas.  I have a couple of them, I have worn once, at most.  No one in my parish wears one.  Although, one lady wears this tiny lace circle on her head.  I find it odd and silly.  However, I abide with whatever the local custom is, as St. Anselm advised St. Monica, when she asked about the manner in which the Romans were receiving communion.  "When in Rome, do what the the Romans do."  So when I go to the Traditional Latin Mass, I wear a mantilla because that's what the other women there, do.

My posts this week:

Sunday --  I made a Smile Box.

Monday --  Communion and Sister Mary Clare's story.

Tuesday  --  Book Blast and an April Fool's joke.

Wednesday --  Catholic Fiction posted my reviews.

Thursday and Friday--  Sex and Money

Saturday --  Communion

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