Labeling people is futile.  No one completely fulfills whatever label is put on them.  Besides, people change.  We are constantly growing and learning.  We may have been Democrats when we were young, and now that we’re older, we’re Republicans.  I can be liberal in the morning but at the end of the day, I’m conservative. 

Sometimes I think people are staunch pacifists and when I become friends with them, I find out they’re exactly the opposite.  

I even have labeled people as belong to a certain nationality, by their last name, then come to find out, their name  was Americanized.
Don’t judge a book by its cover.  Don’t judge it by the first 100 pages, either.  Don’t ever judge it by someone’s book review. 


People change.  Sometimes the mood you’re in will affect your opinion.  Sometimes the book’s characters, or plot, hit close to home and the reviewer’s opinion will reflect that. 

You change.  You experience different events in your life that will affect you.

IOW, what you thought once is not what you will always think.  Education and experience will change your mind.  This is exactly why the term “cafeteria Catholic,”   is not a bad thing.  Everyone is at a different level of understanding.  Everyone is own their own faith journey.  Just because someone doesn’t agree with everything, does not mean that someday they won’t see it.  Leave room for the Holy Spirit.  

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