Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Understanding with Love

Image: Vasily Ivanovich Surikov, Boyarina Morozova
 The image above represents the arrest of Morozova, an influential member of the Russian Orthodox sect, the Old Believers, who broke off from mainline Orthodoxy in the seventeenth century over certain small points of popular and liturgical piety, most notably making the sign of the cross with two fingers rather than three. The still-extant Old Believer schism points to the need to understand cultural incarnations of faith, in all their power and complexity.

May God preserve us from counting the number of angels on a pin.  I mean making mountains out of molehills, losing sight of what's important, due to the peripheral exuberance.  Lord have mercy.

The above image captivated my attention.  I "googled" it and read about the dispute that caused split between the Old Believers and the accepted Russian Orthodox Church.

What a shame that Christians can't practice what Christ taught them.  I guess they could if they could agree on what Christ taught.  The devil is alive and well, isn't he?  

St. Michael the Archangel help us.

It's the Culture

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