I am a Lay Dominican

The poem below is obviously inspired by Langston Hughes', Negro.  It is in no way an imitation except in style.  I yield to Langston Hughes.  But I am grateful for the impetus to meditate upon whom I am.

I am Catherine of Siena:
     I served all in bondage:
     sick, poor, prisoners, the unloved.  

I am Margaret of Castello:
     hunchbacked, dwarfed, blind, lame.
     They wish to abort me still.

I am Rose of Lima:
     I am virginal and holy.
     I am the Americas first saint.

I am Zdislava:
     blessed to give rather than receive.
     I pray for healing.

I am Pier Georgio Frassati:
     I am handsome, young, and joyous.
     I am a man of the beatitudes.

I am a Lay Dominican:
     I radiate the presence of Christ
     in the midst of the world.   

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