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Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Sweet Kissing

 When Jesus became Man, it was possible for people to see Him, and make pictures of Him.  There's stories of a woman named Veronica, who wiped His face, on His way to be crucified, and Jesus' image was imprinted on that cloth.  I once heard a story of people from far away, in Jesus time, who heard about Jesus, and wondered what He looked like.  The king sent an artist to go draw His picture.  

Anyway, pictures of Jesus and those associated with Him, are called icons.  This particular has the title Theotokos of Tenderness.  Theotokos is Greek for God bearer.  Jesus is God and Mary gave birth to Jesus, hence she is called Theotokos.

I like this picture because Mary is sad.  She fears for the future of her Son.  What a horrible fate He will have.  But in this icon, the baby Jesus is comforting His Mother.  How sweet is that?

Jesus' love is telling her (us too, looking at the icon) not to worry; our crosses will pass but the Resurrection will last forever.  

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