Saturday, December 3, 2016

Walk by Faith to Live Joyfully

Walk by Faith to Live Joyfully is Charles De Feo's story, his family, and how to overcome difficulties in life by clinging to and growing in faith in God under all circumstances, regardless of the good or bad. It also contains a collection of poems written by Charles and 5 other family members. The majority of the poems were written by his Uncle Alex who also happened to be his godfather. His writings inspired Charles' writings. He, along with Charles' parents, grandparents, and brother, always have been important influences in his life. Uncle Alex loved his family and was always nearby. It is incredibly important for men to be role models to the young. Charles was blessed with great male role models. His father, brother, and uncle modeled the faith to him and were great examples of authentic Christian masculinity. His mother was also a great role model as were his grandparents and other family members. 

Let’s get started on this journey together. Be prepared to open your mind and heart and learn something new about faith. Part of this book is a guide book to follow to help you pick yourself up and get out of difficult circumstances. Let's hope and pray it helps you on your daily walk to start living a joyful and abundant life, as Charles DeFeo learned to do through prayer, study, and accepting the help and love of others.

 May God bless you abundantly and may you start walking by faith to live joyfully even when you cannot see. (BlueNose Press, Inc., 2016. 224 pp.,

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