Sunday, December 18, 2016

St. Joseph: a Model for Lay Dominicans

St. Joseph: a model for the lay Dominicans Ms. Ruth Henderson, O.P. goes for the strong silent type. She is an admirer of Saint Joseph.

Who wouldn't be? Joseph is quiet. We only hear of him twice: re: Mary's pregnancy and birth, and when Jesus was lost at 12 years old. Both times, it's Mary who dominates the scenes. Yet, he seems to have quietly provided for his little family and brought up a Son, Who turned out pretty well.

"He was a lay person who made his own invaluable contribution to the life of the most important child in history, and thus to the life of all humanity. What a wonderful model for us lay Dominicans as we prepare for Christmas!"

Lay Dominicans live in the world, like Joseph. We strive to adhere to our religious and moral and civic duties, like Joseph. We could find no better person to emulate, than Joseph.

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