Friday, October 23, 2015

Story of Waste

The preacher looked out over his small congregation.  He began:

There’s a testimony in here that you don’t cry about your situation, you don’t feel helpless, you don’t feel useless, that you’re not a failure….
                Amen, Brother…
I’m going to tell you a new parable.

There was a baby camel that came to his mother to ask some questions. 
“Mama, why do I have two toes on each foot?”
“The toes spread wide when you take a step.  This helps support your body as you walk across the desert sand.”
“Mama, why are my eyelashes so long?”
“The eyelashes keep the desert sand out of your eyes.”
“Mama, why are their two big bumps on my back?”
“They are reservoirs to store water as we travel across the desert.”
“So Mama, the toes are for walking in desert sand, the eyelashes are to keep out the desert sand, the bumps are for water storage for the desert.”
“Yes, my Son.”
“Then Mama, why are we here in a zoo?”

The preacher then turned around to look at the prison guard.

* Thanks to Bam Bam for the story.

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