Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Angel Hair Alpacas

Owner Jay Cohen explaining the wick.

Yesterday, I went to an alpaca farm.  The alpacas were so cute.  They weren't  as big as I thought.  None of them were my height, but they are very strong.  I love their fleece.  It's so thick and fluffy.  The fleece is sheared in the spring, so today the fiber was about an inch long.  It curls into a tight wick.  But it will grow to about four inches long before it is sheared.

The sounds they make are interesting.  They hum.  I only saw once incidence of spitting and I was told that tame alpacas don't spit.  Only badly trained alpacas do that.  The boys were kept away from the girls because they fight.  There were two cria (babies) about three and four months old.

We fed them some feed, although they live on hay.  The feed has other nutrients they need for health.  Each one had its own personality.  Some were so sweet, whereas others were just plain nasty.  Just like people, huh?

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