Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Five will get you a Ride

Yesterday's excursion is still rolling over the hills and valleys of my thoughts.  Every once in awhile I'll smile at the thought of our perplexity over the automated ticket machine.  I'm sure we were a virtual comedy show, if anyone was watching us (and I hope not).  We must have looked like a bunch of country bumpkins visiting the big city for the first time.

We couldn't figure out how to get a ticket for just three stops.  It looked like we had to buy the ticket for the entire Alewife commuter rail line.  Also, we wanted a round trip ticket.  "Round Trip" was not words used anywhere.  It didn't seem fair that we should have to buy a ticket for the entire way to Alewife.  We certainly didn't want to buy a "Charlie Card," if none of us have never had a need to buy a Charlie Card in our entire lives, why would we want one to just travel three stops?

There was no one around to help, either.  Bummer.

We decided we'd just have to pay for the entire thing.  It was only five dollars.


That's not the end of it.  No one had five dollars.  We had "ones," and "twenties."  If we added all our money up together, we had over a hundred dollars.  But what good was it?  We needed a five dollar bill.

This brought me to reflect on the scripture passage in Corinthians, (honest, it really did), of the eye not being able to hear, and the ear not being able to see.  Only a five dollar bill was able to do this particular job.  Having over a hundred dollars was utterly useless.

Thank God for credit cards.  The machine did take Master Card.

h/t  Copy of the eye is by my favorite artist, Anonymous, at Open Clip Art:            

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