Friday, June 25, 2010


I have absolutely nothing in common with Lady Gaga, except her regrets over the "casualness" of dress.  It seems that I'm always overdressed.  I don't mind being only a notch up, but not noticeably sticking out like a sore thumb.

The first time I noticed it was in church.  I feel people will act better when dressed best.  It's more respectful.  I guess I'm wrong because I seem to be the only one dressed up.

Another time when I felt out of place was at the dress rehearsal dinner for my daughter's wedding.  I thought a dinner, especially a special dinner, would call for a dress.  It wasn't anything fancy dress, just a dress.  But I was the only one not in shorts.

 Now tonight, I've just come back from a retirement party.  I wore the dress in the picture.  I was so overdressed I felt like I was the Mother of the Bride.  People wore shorts.  Most just wore pants and a top.  My Director wore jeans, an Hawaiian shirt, and a sports jacket.  I felt like I was among the Village People.

I just feel that I'm right.  It's the rest of the world that's wrong.


bella said...

Hi, I just found your blog through another Catholic blogger that I follow. I agree with you regarding the way that people dress today.....I teach and even have a statement in my syllabi about appropriate dress in the classroom. I'm following your blog now. I have a Catholic blog that is not advertised publicly:

Our Beautiful Catholic Faith

I hope we can continue to grow in our Faith together.

Blessings, Roz (bella)

Charlene said...

You are so right! It's the rest of the world that's nutz! As dresses get shorter, tops become lower, and midsections and buttocks show more, well, soon we'll be back to the days of Adam and Eve - buck naked! It's absolutely amazing! So let's us at least, continue dressing like the mother of the bride! It suits me just fine! :)

Faith said...

@ Charlene LOL!

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