Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bethany House Ministries

What a great site.  Bethany House is a Catholic Ministry that services the families of prisoners and programs for prisons.  Currently there are two stores in Millis, MA.  One of the stores sells bric brac that has been donated.  This is the Hope Chest.  In addition to the Hope Chest, is another store right next door.  It is Threads of Hope and it sells donated clothing.

I love both stores.  Before I go shopping for clothes I'll go to Threads of Hope and see if maybe I can find
what I need there; instead of spending a lot of money
someplace else.

Bethany House Ministry has also rented a house for ex-cons to live in.  Sometimes when a prisoner is released he has no where to live, so the House of Hope is a place for them.  Mostly, it is for when an ex-con needs a residence to satisfy the requirement for being released.  Some can't be released unless they have a place to go to.

Then there are programs for the prisons themselves.  Around Christmas, packages are made up as presents for the prisoners.  They mostly consists of personal hygiene items.  But still.  Presents are presents.  Also at Christmas, Bethany House Ministries hosts a Christmas party for the families of prisoners.  That's always a good time.

Sister Kathleen and Ruth run the organization.  It's their baby.  One's a Franciscan and one's a Dominican.  That's the perfect combination.  A business with a heart, that's Bethany House Ministries.

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