Sunday, April 19, 2009

Boston Catholic Women's Conference

WOW! That about sums it up.

The parish arranged for a bus to take us in. It didn't take long and it was much more convenient. We arrived in plenty of time to get coffee and seats and meet friends and socialize. The only thing wrong was the temperature. It was freezing. I don't think it ever warmed up. We were in BC's hockey rink. We were sitting where there usually is ice and I think the temperature was set to keep water frozen. Brrrrrr.

The first speaker was Sister Nancy Kellar, SC. She was an excellent choice to open. She said she was charismatic, and one of the other speakers said she was too. Maybe the key to getting good speakers is to pick the ones in the Charismatic movement. She spoke about trusting the Lord. Trust and hope are really the same.

I'll have to remember Sister's definition of Faith. Faith is when a tightrope walker stretches a line across a deep ravine and then rides a bicycle across it. The tightrope walker asks, "Do you think I can ride back the same way?" Someone answers "Yes, because you did it once, already." "Good", the tightrope walker says. "Now hop on my back and let's go." Now that takes Faith.

The second speaker was Kim Caviezel. She was a surprise. Her credentials were that she was married to the actor Jim Caviezel. So does that make her a good speaker? No, she was an excellent speaker, unto herself! I was wishing my daughters could have heard her speak. She spoke of marriage and what makes a good marriage.

Then we had a break for lunch. I was hoping for a hot dinner, but all we had was our choice of three kinds of sandwiches, tonic, chips and fruit. Worse, there really was no where to eat it. Some people stood around and slumped against a wall and munched out. Some plopped themselves down on the floor and spread out. Most went back into the stands and ate there. If I knew BC better, I would have gone to the cafeteria.

The next speaker was Dr. Mary Healy. She talked about the importance of Scripture. She also talked about the commentary she wrote on the Gospel of Mark. I bought it as a gift for AQ.

The last speaker was Johnnette Benkovic. I could relate to her because we're the same age and I could easily identify with her college years. She was a charismatic speaker.

Everyone was fantastic. I just wished we could have been warmer and had a real sit down lunch.

I just offerred it up; it was Mercy Sunday. I managed to go to Confession and Adoration. We also had Mass with Cardinal Sean Patrick. That completed all the requirements for a plenary indulgence.

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Adrienne said...

Over all it sounds like you had a great time. The cold thingy would have bothered me - I hate being cold.

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