The Experiment

1  1.   Look for something good in everybody you meet.
2  2.   Try to make everyone you meet feel better about themselves.

3  3.    Pray for everyone you meet.
4  4.   Hum a hymn all day.
5  5.   Every time you  enter a room, pray “Thank you, Jesus.”
6  6.   Read something religious today.
7  7.  Carry a cross in your pocket.
8  8.   Do something nice for someone without them knowing it.
9  9.   Fast from TV today.
1  10. Sit and meditate for awhile, today.
    11. Help someone.
1  12. Smile all day.
1  13. Pray for the dead.
1  14. Go for a walk and look for God in nature.

At the end of each of these 14 days take an assessment.  The assessment will be how other reacted and then assess how you feel.  Do this each day for two weeks.  What do you think?


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