Da Vinci  Angel Raphael guiding Tobit.

The caller ID on my phone read, “Jill Byron.”  I had just been to a meeting with Jill, a couple of hours ago.  I quickly picked up the phone.  “Hello.”

Shocked!  I heard crying.  “You left me alone!  I was alone.  It was dark.  I was scared—all alone!”

I-I-I didn’t know what to respond.  I thought back. 

Jill was traveling from Medfield to Holliston’s Community Center.  She didn’t know the way.  We made arrangements to meet at a shopping plaza on Rte. 109, in Medway.  The actual directions were simple.  I’m sure she could have found the Holliston Community Center on Rte. 126, herself.  All you do is take Rte. 109 until it intersects with Rte. 126.  Then you take Rte. 126 towards Holliston, until you come to your destination.

But here is Jill sobbing.

 “I’m sorry.  I thought you were following me.  Everyone left at the same time.  I thought you were behind me.”  I did remember thinking that I hoped she was in one of the cars behind me.  I was first, and everyone else poured out of the parking lot, one right after the other.  I don’t know how that happened.  So what did happen?

Jill seemed collected now as she told me her story.  First, she couldn’t believe that I, and everyone else, were gone.  She was hurt and bewildered to find herself so suddenly in this situation.  We were all together laughing and talking and then suddenly it was dark; it was quiet; she was alone.  She felt intense fear.

She prayed.

Then a small flickering light caught her eye.  There was someone walking on the sidewalk.  A lady was walking with a flashlight, towards the parking lot.  Jill started the car and drove to the parking lot exit which blocked the sidewalk, and waited for the lady to come up to her.  Rolling down her window, Jill asked, “Hello there.  Can you give me directions?” 

“Yes, where are you going?”

“To Medfield.”

“That’s easy.  I can take you to Rte. 109, will that help?” 

Jill eagerly responded “yes” and pushed the passenger door open.  After a few minutes, Jill realized that she didn’t know where this lady was going, so she asked, “Where should I let you off?”

“At the Dunkin Donuts.”

Dunkin Donuts was up ahead.  So wasn’t a sign announcing that Rte. 109 was on the left.  Jill turned into the Dunk and said, “Thank you.”

The lady said, “Thank you.  You saved me a walk.”

Just as the lady turned away, Jill called out, “Oh wait, what’s your name?”



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