I Said a Prayer for You

This morning I went to Mass at a neighboring parish.  I go a bit early just in case the parishioners pray a rosary and if not then I can do it privately.  I prayed it myself.  But while I prayed I observed the people coming in to Mass.  What kind of people go to Mass daily?  Do they look needy?  Do they look sad?  Do they look happy?

What are they thinking about?  Who or what are they praying?

There was one lady in particular that looked like she needed prayers.  Duh.  She came to Mass to pray!  Anyway, I prayed for her intentions.  Then it occurred to me to look at each person and do that.  All too soon that became impossible.  There were more than 30 people there and Mass began.

Then all our guardian angels brought all our intentions up to the altar.  Thank God I'm Catholic.


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