Updating Magnificat

While waiting for Mass to begin, I was reading Magnificat.  Today's Meditation of the Day, had a poem by Mother Miriam.  Remember I wrote of her poem Mark?  She has been at Mount Saint Mary's Abbey since from before I started attending daily Mass there.  So I was blessed to see Mother's poem in the book.  Unfortunately, Magnificat said she was from Santa Rita Abbey in Sonoita, Arizona.  I don't know whether that's a true mistake, or Magnificat needs to update their information.

The Poem "Cold"

This is the season of snows,
when the sky, all in pieces, is falling,
and bells from invisible towers
are soundlessly tolling.

Over the carpeted earth,
footsteps are coming and going,
leaving no tracks on a land
where winter is snowing.

Where are they hanging the bells?
Whose are the feet that come walking?
And voices gone speechless with cold--
to whom are they talking?

Sound is an alien here,
and vision the child of a stranger.
Nothing is feeding the heart,
nothing but hunger.

Feed then my eyes and my ears.
God, feed my hunger with hunger,
my longing with slow-falling snow,
my heart with your winter.
                                                                         Mother Miriam Pollard, o.c.s.o.
Mother Miriam Pollard is a Cistercian nun at Mount Saint Mary Abbey in Wrentham, Massachusetts.


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