Small Blessings

You will never guess what woke me up at 3:09 AM?  I thought I heard music.  My first thought was, "No it couldn't be."  My next thought was that the music could be my iPhone alarm, which I had set for 6:00 AM.  But it was only 3:00 AM.  Was it my imagination?  Was the television left on?  Did I make a mistake in setting my alarm?

Well, by that time, I knew I wouldn't get back to sleep, so I got up to investigate.  The music was Away in a Manger.  Our Christmas tree is still up and there's still Christmas decorations scattered all over the room.  I went to the snow globes and their music was off.  Away in a Manger now switched to Silent Night.  Eventually, I ascertained that the music was coming from a Christmas tree decoration.  I was surprised.  I knew a few ornaments made noises, but I didn't remember any that played songs, never mind, had a repertoire of songs.  O Little Town of Bethlehem gave the offending decoration away.  Oddly enough, the second my fingers touched the ornament, the music stopped.

Now what?  As long as I was up I read the First Meditation for Week Four, Day Five, in St. Louis de Montfort's True Devotion Consecration to Mary.  I also prayed Morning Prayer.

Since I was now up for good, I thought I had better shut off my iPhone alarm.  I also saw, as I picked up my phone, that my scrabble partner had made her move during the night.  So I played my tiles.  She immediately placed her tiles.  She's up at 4:00 AM!

So we played scrabble.

I did de Montfort's Second Meditation.

I gave myself a manicure.

I finished reading Life of Pi.

I wrote this post.

Now it's time to get ready for the day.  I'm going to a T.O.P.S. workshop today and I'm driving.  "Lord, protect my passengers because I'm pretty tired."


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