Observations in the Doctor's Waiting Room

Sitting in the doctor's waiting room today, I noticed that everyone there had their mobile phone out.  I don't know what they were doing, but I was playing scrabble with four people.  Now you may bemoan the fact that everyone is looking down at their phone and not interacting socially with each other.  But it is actually the opposite.  The people in a doctor's waiting room are strangers.  They would not usually be socializing.  They'd be reading something.  However, their mobile phones allow them to contact their family and friends.  In my case, play scrabble, with one real friend and three virtual friends.  One friend is a book club member.  The other three are friends from FaceBook, whom I have never met.

Think about this.  Before cell phones, we would be sitting in the doctor's office not talking.  Now, we can talk to many people and do many things, due to the mobile phone.  I just love technology!


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