Sacrifice versus Example

This morning started with a theological discussion over a cup of coffee.  I was introduced to a new idea and have been mulling over that idea, all day.

We were discussing Jesus' mission.  I automatically said that He came to redeem us sinners.  He is Our Savior.  My companion didn't think so.  He contended that Jesus came to show us sinners, a better way to live--with non violence.  He was giving an example of how to behave in our world.  He let Himself be taken, scourged, and crucified because we are to follow His example.  No swords, no fighting, no weapons will be employed.

I was thinking of all the violence in the Old Testament and said that I thought the Old Testament didn't support his thesis.  He said the Old Testament was an example of mankind's deafness and stubbornness.  The behavior in the Old Testament was decried by God.  So Jesus came to us to show us the way to live--non violently.

I mentioned Jesus' whipping and overturning the tables in the temple.  We looked it up.  Jesus doesn't whip anybody.  He drove out the animals and with them the money changers.

I pointed out Luke 22: 36-38, where Jesus tells the disciples to arm themselves with swords.  But He limited them with only two, and then stops the fight that ensues, and heals the wounded man.

Finally, there's Revelation 19: 11- 15, where God's justice is fierce with a sword.  The response to that was to look at all the different commentators' take on Revelation.  It's too obtuse to interpret.

Mmmmm.   I still don't buy the non violent example, as Jesus reason for being.  Maybe.  No...

What do you think?


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