Saturday, October 25, 2014

Conversing With Jesus

I asked God if I could exaggerate,
     and He said, "Depends."

I asked God if it were okay to be fat,
    and He asked, "What's fat?"

I asked God if I could write about
people with small minds and big mouths.
    He said, "My Beloved,"
    He calls me that, sometimes.
    "Take care
you don't hurt anybody."
"Thanks God," I said.

And is it even okay if I write poetry
that has impossible imagery,
difficult diction, and is meaningless?

      "My Love," God said.
He's really crazy about me, you see.
      "What I'm telling you is
      Yes, Yes, Yes...but with love."

* This is my response to Kaylin Haught's poem God Says Yes to Me.

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