I'll be Seeing You, Ronnie

The summer sun is fading as the year grows old
And darker days are drawing near
The winter winds will be much colder
Now that you're not here

This stanza is the opening for the Moody Blues song, "Forever Autumn."  I was thinking of autumn this morning, as we buried my brother, Ronald E. Dawson.  I am always grateful that I'm Catholic. Again.  How awful to think that death is the end of life.  

All you have to do is look around at nature to prove otherwise.  The four seasons in nature mirror the four seasons of our human lives.  That's why I was thinking of the Moody Blues' "Forever Autumn."

Réquiem aetérnam dona ei Dómine; et lux perpétua lúce at ei.  Requiéscat in pace.  Amen


Marie Cecile said…
My deepest condolences Faith on the loss of your brother. My prayers are with you and your family and for your brother. May he rest in peace and in the loving arms of our Heavenly Family. Bernice
Faith said…
Thank you, Soulful Longings.

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