Disaster in the Kitchen

What a mess!  Since we're having company for dinner, tonight, I was preparing dessert.  I thought I'd make chocolate fudge brownies.  It's a package mix.  I followed directions.  Put it in the oven and started to clean up and saw a package.  It was the chocolate fudge.  I forgot to put in the chocolate fudge!  Too late, the brownies were already baking in the oven.  :-(

So I thought I'd make a fancy jello mold.  Eveyone's on a diet, anyway.  How can anyone screw up jello?

It ain't easy; but I managed to do it.

I made the jello in a large measuring cup pitcher.  As I proceeded to pour the jello into the mold--the bottom fell out!  See picture.

Do you know how sticky jello is?   Ick.

Hubby was baking the turkey breast and preparing everything else.  I could only be trusted to peel vegetables and set the table.

It was delicious, in spite of myself.


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