Saturday, June 9, 2018

After Mass

Our Lady of the Mountains, North Conway, NH
If you go to Mass at St. Mary's in Holliston, MA, you might be puzzled by everyone kneeling down during the recessional.  I didn't think they were kneeling down because the priest was walking by, but why?  Then one day, the priest didn't recess down the aisle, he left by a door to the side of the altar.  He was gone and still, the people knelt.  I finally asked someone why.  "We pray a Hail Mary in thanksgiving for the Mass."

I thought that was unique.  But while in Our Lady of the Mountains in North Conway, NH, the priest after Mass explained to all us tourists that it was their custom to pray a Memorare, after Mass.

Hail Mary!

St. Mary's Holliston, MA

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