Friday, May 18, 2018


I could get on the swing but I couldn't
stay on.  It was too tippy.
Back from the retreat in Maine.  People from Massachusetts affectionately call people from Maine, Maniacs.  Of course, the Maniacs reciprocate by calling people from Massachusetts Massholes.  Now we're even.

This retreat was different from any retreat I have ever been on.  The spirituality wasn't stressed.  The purpose of this retreat was to build community.  It was a retreat for the parish, after all.  So mostly it was fun.  Too much fun--I gained 3 and a half pounds!

My heart shaped rock.
What was different was the scavenger hunt we were sent on.  We were all given an empty bottle that said Holy Water.  We had to go down to the beach and fill it with sea water.  We also had to find two special rocks.  One that looked like a foot and the other like a heart.  We had three meditations during the day that had to deal with "water," "hands and feet," and "hearts."  Here are some pictures.

The stained glass window in the chapel at St. Francis retreat house.  This is Our Lady of Siluva, or Our Lady of Lituania.

St. Casimir - Patron of Lituania

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